Our Expected Student Outcomes reflect the character values, spiritual aspirations, cultural norms, and academic goals of CornerStone Prep.  These outcomes define what we want students to know, believe, and do as they mature.

Why are Academic Standards important?

CornerStone Prep’s Academic Standards are important because they help make sure that all students have the skills they need to go after a successful future. Standards represent a goal or outcome of a subject area (such as mathematics, reading and writing, science and social studies). They help set clear and consistent expectations for what students should know and be able to do from kindergarten through high school. The standards are not a curriculum and do not determine the design of a lesson plan or how units should be organized. Decisions on how best to help students meet the goals in the standards, how learning experiences are designed, or what resources should be used are left to teachers. 

What curriculum do you use?

CornerStone Prep does not use a specific curriculum, but rather selects from various textbook and resource publishers to meet the academic standards. Each resource is carefully selected on the basis of content and appropriateness for each course and/or grade level. Whether or not the resource itself is biblically-based, biblical truths and principles are integrated into every subject area by our teachers.

How is faith integrated?

We offer a high-quality education through the lens of a Biblical worldview, which prepares our students for college, career, and life. Education of every kind is an endeavor shaped by worldviews and is more than just data and evidence; therefore, students must not only know facts, but also understand their worldview and how it colors and focuses their view of facts. As an inter-denominational school, the Biblical worldview that we teach students is best expressed in the biblical story of Creation, Fall, and Redemption. By taking these three events/ themes as the lenses through which to look at the academics, we are able to show that faith and learning are bound together. 


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