Non-Discrimination Policy:

Cornerstone Preparatory School makes no distinction in its admission or school policies regarding an individual student’s race, color, gender, national and ethnic origin, or learning ability.  We strive to meet individual student learning needs through differentiated instruction; however, we may not be able to accommodate all differences.  If necessary, we can make referrals to professional counseling and/or testing programs if we are unable to meet a student’s needs.

Inter-Denominational Policy:

Cornerstone Preparatory School does not adhere to any specific doctrine or theology in its efforts to educate our students and prepare them for life.  We recognize that there are essential Christian truths as taught in the Bible by which we enrich our students’ lives.  By focusing our instructional methods through the lens of a Biblical worldview, we hope to enlighten our students to these fundamental Christian truths and teach them to adhere to Christ’s teachings throughout their lives.  Therefore, our staff, administration, and school board will make no efforts to promote or disparage any doctrinal or denominational beliefs, practices, or positions.


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