Dress Code

Click here to download a PDF copy of the CSPS DRESS CODE

Kindergarten-12th Grades

School clothes should be neat, clean, and modest and must be worn to fit (not oversized or skin-tight).  Clothes should have no holes, rips, tears, or frayed edges. The administration reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of clothing and appearance in all situations. 



All tops must be official CornerStone Prep spirit gear purchased by the school; long sleeve, short sleeve, sweatshirts, hoodies, and jackets with the official CornerStone logo/design are permitted. Shirts must be appropriately fitted and in good condition without holes, rips, frays, or alterations (eg. cutting the hem, neck, or sleeves). Shirts that do not have the CornerStone logo may only be worn under official spirit gear.


Bottoms should be jean or chino style structured pants or shorts. Girls may also wear chino or denim skirts.

  • All bottoms must be properly fitted – not too loose or too tight.
  • Shorts and skirts (including skirt slits) may not be shorter than 2 inches above the knee. 
  • Bottoms should be solid in khaki (tan), gray, black, navy/blue denim colors only. 
  • Overalls, leggings, sweatpants, and bottoms made of knit  or performance material may not be worn. 
  • Shorts or solid color leggings are recommended under skirts for girls in grades K-5 due to the nature of their activities, but leggings may not be worn as pants.
  • Jogger style chino pants with elastic waistbands are allowed in the appropriate fabric, color, and sizing.
  • Bottoms must have NO patches, holes, rips, tears, or frayed edges.


Heavy coats may not be worn in the classroom. Sweatshirts, hoodies, and full and quarter zip jackets worn in the classroom must be official CornerStone spirit gear purchased from the school. Solid color cardigan sweaters (without hoods) are acceptable as long as a CornerStone shirt is visible underneath.


  • Hair color should be a natural shade.
  • Hair is to be kept clean and neat and must not obstruct the student’s face. 
  • Visible permanent tattoos or body piercings, except earrings, are not permitted.
  • Sensible shoes should be worn; house shoes and slippers are not permitted.
  • No head apparel may be worn inside the school. Hats may only be worn on Fridays for $1 as a fundraiser for a local charitable organization.
  • Students attending college courses at MCC are encouraged to dress in smart casual or business casual attire, but must follow, at a minimum, the student dress code on CornerStone’s campus each day.

Special Dress Days

Special dress down and spirit days will occur throughout the school year. The type of dress appropriate for each of these days will be communicated prior to the event. At a minimum, shirts must have sleeves, and bottoms must be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee. All apparel must have appropriate wording, pictures, and designs and may not have rips, holes, tears, or frays. Leggings may not be worn. Pajama pants may not be worn except on designated pajama days. 

On certain days of the year, the students will be asked to dress up. These days will be announced ahead of time. The dress code on such occasions includes, at a minimum, dress shirts, blouses, dress pants/slacks, skirts and dresses (no shorter than 2 inches above the knee). 

Dress Code at School Events

Students are expected to uphold standards that are neat, clean, and modest and are appropriate for the event. Specific dress guidelines will be provided for specific events based on the nature of those events.

The purpose of the dress code is to provide a uniform look amongst the student body considering functionality and the acceptable mode of dress for school activities at CornerStone. Our goal is to help students begin to develop a Christ-centered attitude and maturing view toward their outer appearance and the appropriateness of their attire.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the dress code:

Q: Where and when will I be able to purchase dress code approved tops? 

A: The school will have a limited number of designs/items to order by the first week of May. Items should be delivered before the school year ends. Additional orders will be made prior to the start of the school year and during the school year. 

Q: How much do the spirit gear items cost?

A: The school’s goal is to provide a handful of affordable options that range from $10-$20 per item depending on size. Additional design options are available as a fundraiser. 

Q: Will the spirit gear that we already have be acceptable?

A: Yes, students who have purchased spirit gear in the past are allowed to continue wearing those items as long as they still fit appropriately.

Q: Will we be able to purchase dress down passes to be used throughout the school year? Can students dress down on Fridays?

A: No. The dress code is simplified to provide functional and comfortable uniformity for all of our students every day of the week. 

Q: Is there a different dress code for kindergarten students?

A: No. The dress code is simplified so that even our youngest students may follow it. Kindergarten students should have an extra change of dress code approved clothes stored in their backpack in case of accidents that require them to change.

Q: Can my child wear a special outfit on the first day of school?

A: No. The dress code is in effect starting on the first day of school. Days where students should dress up will be announced with advanced notice. 

Q: Can my child wear pants that have ruffles, patches, or designs if they are in the appropriate colors?

A: No. Pants that are made of knit or performance material may not be worn, including ruffle pants (i.e. Matilda Jane). All bottoms should be structured and made of jean/denim or chino material in solid khaki, black, navy, or gray. Chino/khaki pants with an elastic waist and/or ankle cuffs are permitted in the acceptable fabric, colors, and fit.

Q: My student is attending classes through the college program. What do they wear?

A: Students in the college program are highly encouraged to stand apart from their peers by dressing in smart casual or business casual attire (see information on dressing up under special dress days). They may wear this to CornerStone’s campus or the school dress code, but they may not dress down on CornerStone’s campus. The dress code is the minimum standard of dress while on campus. We acknowledge that many college students wear sweatpants, leggings, and pajamas, but our desire is that students dress in a manner that sets them up for success at the college and in the workplace.

Q: Can I embroider or screen print the school’s logo on my own shirts?

A: All tops must be official CornerStone spirit gear purchased by the school. Other designs are not permitted. The CornerStone Prep logo belongs to the school and is not for public use.